U3A Web sites
The website www.u3a.nz contains a list of all of the U3A's in New Zealand. It has been created as a joint venture
between U3A Auckland Network and U3A Canterbury Network.

U3A - The Third Age Trust UK
U3A National Website http://www.u3a.org.uk
This website has interesting information about the origins of the U3A movement and its philosophy of 'self-help'
lifelong learning
U3A Online
U3A Online is a 'virtual' University of the Third Age delivering online learning via the Internet. Courses are open to
people anywhere in the world. They are especially suited to older members of the community who are isolated
either geographically, or through physical or social circumstances (including carers).
This site is also the major 'portal' website for Australian U3As. It has been developed by Griffith University and is
kept up to date to provide Australian and New Zealand U3As with valuable links, contacts and resources.

The Virtual U3A of the United Kingdom is available at http://vu3a.org/
Material from lectures
Where speakers agree to provide material relevant to their lectures the links to the material will be placed here
for twelve months.

5 March 2018 - David Bamford Tourism and the environment, presentation For the video go to Youtube and
seach for: Sustainable summits conference 2016
19 February 2018 James Higham - Climate change, aviation and sustainable tourism
12 February 2018 - Tourism in Queenstown
10 April 2017 Colin James - Oh to be 24 again
4 April 2016 - Dr Jock Phillips - The Transformation in the New Zealand value system since 1965.
29 February 2016 - Dr Glenda Wallace - Understanding pain
9 May 2016 - Brian Millar's notes on Ideas for Writing Memoirs

AGM Minutes, Accounts and Chairpersons' addresses
Archived Material
A report on the Future Economic Directions for the Wakatipu, and the results of the presentations tabled by Bill
Dolan and Ralph Hanan at a meeting with Mayor Vanessa van Uden on 20 February 2012
Material from lectures, links and other useful stuff