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The University of the Third Age (U3A) was founded in France in 1973 to provide continuing learning
opportunities for retired people. By 1981 it was established in England and by 1989/90 branches were opening
in New Zealand. U3A is a response to the idea that human life is divided into three periods. Firstly, childhood
and schooling, secondly child rearing and work and thirdly retirement. The third age is seen as an important
opportunity for listening, learning and understanding.Today there are U3A branches world wide, but there is no
official ruling body, each group operating independently according to its situation and facilities available.

The aims of U3A are:
- to share knowledge and advance the education of people of the Third Age;
- to provide facilities for leisure time and recreational activities of people of
the Third Age in the interest of their social welfare;
-to encourage members to form interactive groups, both to share knowledge
xxand to pursue active study in new fields.

For a more detailed consideration of U3A, how it works and the part it can play in the lives of older people,
download the paper "The U3A Paradigm: Past, Present and (possible) Future" (pdf) by Professor Rick Swindell,
Griffiths University.

About U3A Wakatipu and the wider U3A community
U3A Wakatipu offers lectures on a broad range of topics and there are study groups on more specific topics.
Lectures are held on Mondays between 10:00am and 12 noon three times a month in February to May and
September to December. There are no lectures in the winter as many of our members migrate to warmer

Regular emails are sent out to members with details of the following weeks' lecture and other educational events
of interest. Flyers are emailed at the beginning of each lecture series. In addition this website can be accessed
for the same information.

Check out the Study Groups tab for information on these activities. Study groups are charged on a cost recovery
basis as determined by the leader which may include room hire, photo copying etc.

There is an annual membership fee of $25.00 per person and a charge of $5.00 per lecture attended, payable on
the day. As of February 2016 there is no membership waiting list and newcomers and visitors are most welcome.

U3A Wakatipu is constituted as an Incorporated Society and is governed by a set of Rules.

Lectures are usually held at St Margaret's church
hall in Frankton, corner of Ross and McBride
Streets. Occasionaly lectures will be held at the
Queenstown Events Centre in the Mezanine
function room. See the map opposite for directions.

The detail of lectures and venue are listed in the
latest flyer and in the programme tab.
Founding of U3A Wakatipu
U3A Wakatipu held its establishment meeting in September 2009 after Dr Catherine Robinson and Mary
Stamers-Smith, assisted by Adelle Bond from Southern REAP recognised the need for a U3A to provide a
learning environment for the over 55's in the local community. Interest was strong and U3A Wakatipu was
formed with a series of three lectures on the Antarctic getting underway at the end of that month.